How to sell aNY product using a simple sales funnel

An Online Workshop For Those Who Want To Sell More, Even If You Don't Know How A Funnel Works 

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#1: What Are Funnels And Why Use Them?

Not sure about funnels? 

I wasn't either!

We will clear up the confusion and reveal with a simple, proven process you can follow again and again.

#2: How To Sell Any Product Or Service With A Sales Funnel

Seeing is believing!

Watch me build a funnel.

You will see the entire process unfold right in front of your eyes

You will understand why funnels work and see how they can work for you!

#3: Which Funnel Will Work Best For You

You don't need 72 funnels

You just need ONE that works!

In this part of the training, you will discover the three core funnels that will help you grow your business and promote any product or service.

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How To Put It All Together So You Work Less, Build Bigger Lists, And Sell Much More!

You Will Discover ...


Discover how to profit three ways from ONE piece of content!

You can create content to share with the public, to give to subscribers and to sell for profit!

This is fun, fast, and free to do!


Most people struggle to have the "just right" idea for content. 

They take hours to write one blog post when they could be creating an entire product in less time!

The simple process that works!


Why you don't need expert status to succeed in content marketing. 

Exactly what to do with your content to build trust quickly and gain a loyal following.

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Is This Group Coaching 

Right For You?

From Charlie Page
Can content marketing be the answer to your traffic and sales challenges?  I believe it can be and here's why.

Content marketing helped me build my business AND saved my business from destruction. 

In fact, content marketing is how I built my business in the first place. 

You see, when I started out I did not have a big marketing budget -- unless you consider ZERO big!

And I did not have a big reputation. Or an email list. 

Or much of anything else other than raw desire and a need to succeed online. 

If that sounds familiar, I have good news for you today.

First, let me share three very tangible ways that content marketing worked for me. 

  • Content marketing empowered me to go from being a member of the Directory of Ezines to buying the entire company in less than 18 months.
  • Content marketing took me from being completely unknown online to being interviewed by Jim Edwards, Yanik Silver, Alex Mandossian (and more) and asked to contribute to Robert G. Allen's book Multiple Streams Of Internet Income.
  • Content marketing empowered me to drive traffic without spending any money at all!
And when disaster struck (as it is striking even now) content marketing helped me weather the storm and rebuild.

Here are three brief examples.

  • Content marketing allowed me to rebuild my list when an autoresponder company had an "accident" and wiped out over 50,000 subscribers.
  • ​Content marketing empowered me to weather the 2008 financial meltdown without spending money to acquire new customers!
  • ​Content marketing caused my sales to stay steady when I had to be away to care for a family member who was ill.

Content marketing creates passive income

Early in my online career I realized that the Internet offered something no other platform could offer ...


To me automation means one thing ... FREEDOM! 

Time freedom because you can do the work once and profit from it many times. 

Financial freedom because you can automate your marketing systems so that they operate 24 hours a day without you being present. 

No offline business offers these amazing advantages.

But I also knew that I needed LEVERAGE in order to profit from the automation the Internet offered. 

Simply put, I needed a way to create content once and then be able to accomplish three goals that content. 

My goals were ...

  • Publish publicly in order to build my list and grow my authority.
  • Publish privately and reward the people on my email list with deeply helpful content to help them succeed.
  • Overdeliver to my paying customers by sharing literally everything I knew about how to make sales online.

What did content marketing 

actually do for me? 

When I step back and review our results, I'm both grateful and encouraged that anyone can do this.

  • Owner of over 45 membership sites, including still owning the Directory of Ezines.
  • Author of over 15 books about Internet marketing.
  • Serving over 24,000 paying customers.
  • Consulting with clients at all stages of their own success story. 
  • And best of all, free to work at home and enjoy my wonderful family!

Can YOU Do This Too?

Before I wrap up this letter, there is something you need to know.

Content marketing is NOT about being a great writer. 

I'm a high school graduate who wouldn't know a dangling participle if it walked in my front door and kissed me on the head!

Content marketing is not about spending a huge amount of money. 

In fact, you need almost no money at all to succeed with content marketing. 

Content marketing is a process. 

Learn the process and you will find the results you want from content marketing.

While I can't promise your results will be as dramatic as mine, or promise that you will make any money at all from content marketing (no one can do that) I can tell you this ...

Any person who is willing to make a reasonable effort and follow my proven plan can see results from content marketing.

So why isn't everyone succeeding with content marketing?

Simply because ...

99% of people are doing content marketing 

the wrong way!

It's true! 

You see, not only are most people doing content marketing the wrong way but they're actually sabotaging their own success!

Let me give you an example. 

What happens for most people, in my experience, is that they have a great idea for a piece of content. 

It might be a video, an article, a podcast episode, or something else. 

So they take the time to create it, spend even more time polishing it to make it "just right" and then they make their fatal mistake ...

... they publish it to their blog first and then stop.

You might say "But Charlie, you are the blogging guy! You build and host blogs for clients. Why are you saying it's a "fatal mistake". 

Here's why - notice the words "first" and "stop".

Your job as a content marketer is to publish FIRST to the place where the largest possible audience can be reached. 

That's what I did with the Directory of Ezines. 

Remember, there were no blogs back then. We didn't have a site!

So I joined the DOE and emailed every Ezine publisher I could and offered them my article. 

I was leveraging their hard work by simply writing an article and letting them run it in their ezine!

PLUS, once it ran in their Ezine I could legitimately say "as seen in ..."

BOOM ... social proof. Authority. All from ONE article!

So what's the moral of the story?

1. Publish to the largest audience possible first.

2. And then publish to your blog as well. 

Can you see how that ONE change can make a huge difference?

It's the difference between having a few hundred people see your content and having tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of visitors see your content. 

If you doubt those numbers just look at how much traffic generates. 

Yes, you read it right. That's 213 MILLION visitors a month!

Now think about this - posting on is free for you!

Even better, they have a way (also free) for you to pull your blog posts directly into their platform! 

And that my friend is how you do content marketing! 

Go to the biggest audiences first, make a specific offer in your content, and watch the sales roll it. 

This is why my process is the Content Marketing SALES Maximizer. 

My goal is to empower you to maximize your sales with content marketing. 

If you just want to be well-known or grow your list or find JV partners, that's okay with me and you will learn to do that too. 

But this Group Coaching is about SELLING with content. That's why it's called Content Marketing That Converts!

I started this letter with a question. Now I'll end it with the same question.

Is This Group Coaching 

Right For You?

If you have read this far I believe the answer is absolutely yes! 

If you agree and your answer is yes, use the button below to order now.

You will not only get the actionable teaching you need to take your content marketing to new heights but you will get a whale of a value to boot!

See you inside.

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How To Create Content Quickly & Easily Even If You Are Stuck For Ideas!

Where To Put Your Content For Maximum List Building Results!

How To Sell With Your Content Without Being Pushy or "Salesy"!

How To Put It All Together So You Work Less, Build Bigger Lists, And Sell Much More!

Hi, this is Charlie Page. Thank you for being here today. If you've been online for more than 10 minutes, you've probably heard about sales funnels and how you need one and how you're leaving money on the table if you don't have one and how this one is better than others. Well, part of that is true and part of that, not so much. The fact is sales funnels can be powerful and they can work for almost anyone, including anyone in this group. People who are new to being online need a sales funnel. If I had everything to do over again after 17 years online, I would have started with sales funnels. People who are affiliate marketers, people who are product owners, people who want to build a mailing list and generate leads, people in the business opportunity market or multilevel marketing or network marketing, people who are selling high ticket programs, coaches and consultants, eCommerce sellers, and more. If you're in drop shipping or if you're doing CPA offers, a sales funnel can change your life.

Here's what most people won't tell you. Funnels can be very, very complicated. Just take a look at this. This is an actual sales funnel. Here's another one. Complicated, right? But it doesn't need to be that way. Now, don't get me wrong, these sales funnels, these complicated sales funnels, they can work. If you survive the process of building them, they'll probably make sales for you or if you can afford the $17,000 starting price to have one built for you, but because I want to help my clients, I've been studying and testing sales funnels for a while now. In fact, I reviewed over 70 types of sales funnels. Yep, 70. That's a lot. Sounds overwhelming, right? When I started out, it sounded overwhelming to me too and it was a lot of work.

Here's what I did. I boiled down all those funnels into a few basic types and then took a look at what made them work. I came up with three sales funnels that we all should start with. Now, if you're a super advanced marketer, you're making $50,000 a month, you've got a sales funnel that's just killing it, this is not for you. If you are not selling as much as you want online and if you're not using a sales funnel that's working for you, this absolutely is for you. Now, here's what I tell my consulting clients. Once these three core funnels are working for you, feel free to use as many different types of sales funnels as you want, but you might just find that these are all you ever need.

I wanted to bring this knowledge to a wider audience and that's why I created this group coaching. I'm calling it Funnels That Convert. In this coaching session, I'll cover the three core funnels we all need to start with. Number one is a list-building funnel. Number two is a self-liquidating offer funnel. Number three is an evergreen webinar funnel. We'll talk about each one of them in a little more detail in just a moment. Why these three and not the others? Number one, the money is in the list. There is doubt about it. There's no question about it. If you have your own mailing list, you have marketing power, you can do anything you want anytime you want. You don't have to pay for advertising. There's no question that the money's in the list, but there is a question about how do you get that list. That's what the first funnel's about. In fact, everything we do online should be about building our list. Our social media should be about building our list. Our squeeze pages and our lead capture methods on our blogs should be about building our list. Most people don't have a list yet. In a recent survey, over 50% of the people on my list don't have a list of their own, but 90% of them wanted to have one. The list-building funnel fixes that.

Another major problem people face is this: being able to afford to buy advertising to reach new audiences. Advertising can be wonderful, but it can also be a real trap for some people. You see, you run an ad that you can barely afford, then the conversions are low, but conversions do happen so you make a couple of sales. Hallelujah. That's a good thing. Then you get paid 75 days after making the sale. Now you got no cashflow and you can't advertise again. It's no wonder most people struggle with cold traffic. The self-liquidating offer funnel fixes that by making sure you get paid enough to cover your ad costs and get paid quickly. Yes, this works for affiliate marketers too. I'll show you exactly how it's done.

Next, there's a problem with time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, right? Well, you know, yes and no. We do all have 24 hours, no more and no less. It's the great equalizer, but we don't have 24 hours to run our online business. It's easy to say we all have the same 24 hours, but the fact is a mom of three who's also working doesn't have the same 24 hours as a 72-year-old guy who's retired. Most of us only have a few hours a day because we're busy doing other things or too tired to put in 18-hour days or we have health challenges. I know because I've had all of those in my life. That is why I'm teaching about the evergreen webinar funnel. Now, don't let the word webinar worry you. If you're thinking that webinars are not your thing or too complicated, I'm going to prove to you that you can do this. In fact, all you need is one good video to get this done. You don't even have to make the video. It's so much easier than you might think.

Now, let's talk about three important things. Number one, why would you want this? Well, the simple reason is this. If you're not using a sales funnel now, you are being left behind. The days of driving cold traffic, complete strangers from an ad, to a sales letter, those days are over and they've never coming back. In 2002, it worked great, but you know what worked in 2002 doesn't work anymore in a lot of areas of life. What does work is a sales funnel and you will know what you need to know to be able to do what you need to do when you finish this simple training. Let's look at question number two. Question number one, why would you want to do this? Well, you'd want to do this if you want to make more sales. Question number two, will you be able to do what you learn? This is a very important question.

The truth is that most of us don't need more learning. We need more doing. That's why this group coaching is about doing. I will pull apart three of my own sales funnels during this teaching and show you exactly how to create them for yourself and I'll show you a totally nontechnical way to start using them in your business immediately. You're going to love this. Again, the focus is on doing, not just learning. I want you to use at least one of these funnels within three days of the coaching class. Now, question number three. We've answered question number one. Why would you want to do this? Well, you want to make more sales. Will you be able to do it? You will be able to do this. Number three, how much does it cost? You've got to ask that question. It's a very important question. After all, if it cost $1,000 but you made many times more than that, it'd be well worth it, right? If it cost one dollar but you couldn't use it, you'd have wasted your dollar, right?

Well, it's not $1,000 and you will be able to use it. If I taught you this as a consulting client, it'd cost about $2,000 to teach you all of it, but the group coaching model allows me to bring it to you for one payment of only $47. There's no catch and there's no forced continuity or any of that kind of thing. Your purchase is 100% guaranteed. In fact, you can take the training and if you decide it's not right for you, let me know anytime within 30 days of your purchase and we'll issue a refund with no questions asked. I believe you're going to love this, especially if you find funnels confusing at all and especially if you're not succeeding with funnels now.

Now, let's take a look at what you will receive. You'll receive lifetime access to the coaching call, written transcripts, a downloadable audio file so you can listen to it on your phone or your mp3 player whenever or wherever you want to, the handouts that I'll be showing during the coaching call, and your questions answered. If you have a question, just ask the question. We'll answer it for you. If you see the value, order now using the button on this page. There's a button somewhere on this page, probably below the video. Go ahead and use that button to order now. If not, I have two simple questions for you. Number one, are you using a funnel now? Number two, is it working? If the answers to either one of those questions is no, then you need this teaching. In fact, your success may depend upon it because funnels are what work now.

If you're not using one, you are missing out. There's no doubt about it. In fact, my advice to every consulting client that I have and to my own family is this. Find a funnel that works for your needs and use it over and over again. That's why I'm teaching these three particular funnels. These are the places to start. Ready to get started? Remember, you'll receive lifetime access to the coaching call, written transcripts, downloadable audio file, all the handouts from the course, and I'll be happy to answer your questions as well. Now, the price that I quoted, $47, is a discounted price. Order now while the discounted price is available. It won't be available very long. This is Charlie Page. Thank you for being here. I hope you have an excellent day and I look forward to seeing you inside the group coaching call.

The true "secret" to making sales and building your list is having a membership site of your own!

Now I'm Going To Hand You One Of Mine To Sell Or Give Away!

From Charlie Page

College Station Texas

Dear Friend,

For years now I have spoken one-to-one with members of my different membership websites. In fact, I've had over 3500 of these one-to-one calls!

I listened to their stories. I counseled them and coached them and gave them my best advice

And I have loved every minute of it!

Many of them became highly successful online entrepreneurs. In fact, some are names you would easily recognize. 

But others struggled

They struggled to find their focus, to make enough sales, or really break through to the level of success they so badly wanted.

I had to know WHAT made the difference

So I started paying careful attention ... looking for patterns. Patterns of success.

And I found them. 

Before I reveal the two common denominators to success found among my members, let me share this important insight ...

  • ​Having a big advertising budget did NOT make the difference.
  • ​Being a well-known expert did NOT make the difference.
  • ​Having sales experience did NOT make the difference.
  • ​Being good at technical things did NOT make the difference.
Two things made the difference ...
  •  Having a membership site of their own
  •  Building their mailing list
Time and time again I would see the pattern. 

The ones who were achieving success would be the ones who focused on building their mailing list and who had a membership site of their own to sell.

VERY INTERESTINGLY ... both groups were working hard

They were both committed to their success. 

They were trying with all of their might to make it online.

WHY Were These The Two "X" Factors To Their Success?

The answer was literally staring me in the mirror. 

You see, the secret to my own success was in fact that I own my own membership sites and focus on building my mailing list. 

The ones who succeeded (some went on to be giants in their industries) were consistently doing the same thing!

Here are four reasons why they succeeded while others continued to struggle.

  • Follow Up email marketing is proven to increase sales between 300% and 4000%! (yes, $40 for every $1 spent!)
  • Keeping ALL of the sale price meant they could afford to buy more traffic AND keep some of the money for themselves!
  • Having affiliates sell for them meant they could get free traffic every day of the year! They only paid AFTER sales were made! And they build THEIR lists too!
  • Membership sites can create residual income which means you keep earning even after the sale is made!

But there was ONE problem!

building a membership site is HARD!

I'm not going to lie ... creating a profitable membership site is no easy thing

I should know, I have created over 30 of them in my own business. 

And I consult with clients every day on building and optimizing their membership sites for maximum profits. 

I'd go as far as saying this ... it is almost impossible for a person who is not already making a full time living online to create a membership site of their own.

Here are three reasons why that statement is true ...

  • TECHNOLOGY - There are SO many options to choose from and almost all of them require real technical skills. It took me years of testing the find the perfect fit.
  • VIDEO - Unless you know how to record and edit video before you start, the time involved to record and edit video can be overwhelming.
  • EXPERTISE - Even if you are a super-geek who loves to make video, you need real expertise in a niche that can be profitable to make this work.

owning a membership site changed 

my life forever!

If you don't know my story you might not know that I started out online as a paying member of the Directory of Ezines!

It's true. In 2000 I was so ill I had no choice but to work from home. And that meant using the Internet. 

I was doing affiliate marketing and selling my copywriting at the time.

One day I found this site called Directory of Ezines. It looked great and I could get a membership for only $39.95 for one year! 

The problem was ... we were broke! I mean seriously near the edge.

After much thought, I decided to take a chance and get the membership. 

When my wonderful wife got home, I told her the good news! 

Her reply? 

"We need that money for other things." 

She was right.

So I told her this ... "I promise I will make this work!"

Thank God, it did!

A little less than 18 months later I bought the entire company!

Buying the company empowered the founder to retire. It was a dream she had for years.

I will never forget signing the papers and the feeling of optimism and hope that flooded our souls. 

In ONE TRANSACTION I went from being a non-owner to the OWNER of my own membership site. 

And the difference that made was staggering.

  • I could KEEP ALL THE MONEY from selling memberships for any price I wanted.
  •  I could recruit affiliates who would send me traffic. And I only paid them AFTER they made a sale!
  •  I could build MY mailing list instead of the list for the affiliate products I had been promoting.
  •  I could do joint ventures with other people because I was the owner.
  •  I was interviewed several times because I was now the owner of the Directory of Ezines.
  •  I was invited to contribute to a book by New York Times Bestselling author Robert G. Allen because I owned the Directory of Ezines

I walk the walk

I want you to know that owning the Directory of Ezines has not been a one time thing or some kind of fluke. 

In fact, I took what I learned (sometimes, the hard way) from owning the DOE and applied it to other areas where I had experience and interest. 

In fact, since that fateful day when I bought the DOE to today, I have created more than 30 new membership sites of my own! 

And I still keep creating them for my consulting clients!

I believe in membership sites for one very good reason ... they work! 

Membership Sites Work!

While selling any product online is good, membership sites are better. 

I've done "one and done" selling (where the customer pays once and is done) many times online. Having authored over a dozen books I can tell you that selling "one off" products can be profitable. 

But you must always be creating new products when you do it that way!

Compared to a membership site, creating digital products, selling eCommerce products, even consulting, is just too much work! 

Membership sites work to ...

  • Build your list.
  • Create passive income.
  •  Help you share your wisdom and experience.
  • Establish or enhance your EXPERT status.
  • Empower you to help more people.

Who uses membership sites now?

I am not exaggerating when I say that the list is far too long to publish here. 

So let's look at the biggest markets out there and see if there are any names you recognize. 

The "Big 3" markets are ...

  • Health
  •  Wealth
  •  Relationships
Almost all niches can easily fit within one of those markets.

Recognize any of these names?

  • ​Dr. Andrew Weil
  • ​Ryan Deiss
  • ​Jeff Walker
  • ​Tony Robbins
  • ​Dave Ramsey
  • ​Motley Fool
  • ​Stu McLaren
  • ​Frank Kern
  • ​Russell Brunson
  • ​Copyblogger
  • ​Jeff Johnson
  • ​Stu McLaren
  • ​Michael Hyatt
  • ​Blue Apron
  • ​Charlie Page :-)
  • ​Brendon Burchard
  • ​Alexis Meads
  • ​
  • ​Birchbox
  • ​eHarmony
  • ​Dollar Shave Club

Ready for some good news?

I have done the work of building a membership site FOR you!

I've chosen the niche, created the content, built the site, even written the sales letter FOR you so that you can skip the painful part and get right to the good part.

Making sales and building your list is where the money's at, not in building the site! 

You see, many people have an idea for a membership site but never get it off the ground. 

Some have even built the site itself but then get stuck on creating the content. 

Others just run out of time, money, and patience. 

And that's actually understandable! 

I can say that because, after having built over 30 membership sites, I can tell you that it's easy to get stuck in "development" and never make it to the profit stage!

But you won't suffer that fate because ...

you skip ALL of that when you order today!

here is what you will NOT need to do!

  •  Have the idea for the content
  •  Do the research to make sure the niche is profitable
  •  Write the content
  •  Record and edit the videos
  •  Create a name for the product
  •  Register a domain name
  •  Create a graphic to represent the product
  •  Pay to have the videos transcribed
  •  BUILD the actual membership site
  •  HOST the membership site
  •  Upload and host the videos on a service like Wistia
  •  Add the videos and transcripts to the membership area
  •  Create a secure members login page
You will not need to do ANY of this because I have done all the work for you!

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