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Charlie Page

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There are major problems in the affiliate marketing world. You know this already because you have experienced them like I have.

These problems are hidden from view, kept secret from newbie affiliate marketers who will spend money on tools and tricks without realizing they are wasting time and money. 

While there are problems (we can't pretend they don't exist) the good news is there are also SOLUTIONS! 

Another piece of good news?

You are NOT the problem!

I can prove that you are not the problem. 

In fact, you are playing in a rigged game with the odds stacked against you but in favor of affiliate marketers with big budgets, big lists, and big staffs. 

Why else would you see the same five or six people winning every affiliate contest out there? It's because they have an "inner circle" and their game is rigged.

The odds are stacked against you by the social media companies, the big advertising networks, and more.

But you CAN level the playing field and win! And you can do that quicker than you might think. I know because I've done it. 

And now I'm going to show you how to do it too.


In a moment I will share only ONE of the problems with you and how you can solve it.

NOTE: The other problems will be revealed, and solved, in the Group Coaching.

These are the same problems that existed when I started doing affiliate marketing. Sadly, they still exist today.

But there is GOOD NEWS! 

You see, these problems actually create opportunity for you!

Once you know how to solve these problems you will have a major advantage over other affiliate marketers who don't know what you know. 

Your advantage will be powerful. It will allow you to skip the painful learning curve and bypass all the costly trial and error that beginning marketers experience.

You will master an easy and repeatable process that will give you not only a fighting chance but a distinct advantage over those who don't know what you know.

Other affiliates, some with bigger lists, more money, and more experience, will wonder how you outsell them. 

I know that can happen because it happened to me. 

In one affiliate promotion my little list of less than 10,000 people outsold a well known marketer with a list of 800,000! 


But the good news I have to share is not only about email marketing. It's actually more powerful than that.  

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, but are not getting the results you want (and deserve) then the following problem is very likely the culprit. 

In my experience, it is the #1 problem beginning affiliate marketers face.


After having taken thousands of calls (literally) from my customers, I can tell you the following without fear of error.

You very likely know everything you need to know to succeed with affiliate marketing right now. 

So why am I offering you even MORE information?

Because the specific information I am offering you is designed to bridge the gap between what you already know you should do and what you can currently achieve

It is designed to build on what you already know and move you to a state of being able to DO what you need to do to earn commissions.

We do that two ways ...

  • Provide a pre-built affiliate funnel so you can literally start on day one. This is your jump start, putting you on the fast track and giving you something solid to promote on day 1.
  • ​Teach you how to build as many affiliate-specific funnels as you want, any time you want, for any product you want to promote.

Let me prove to you that you already know what you need to do. Answer honestly and see if any of these statements sound like you ...

  • You know what a sales funnel is but can't build one that actually converts cold traffic into sales. 
  • ​You have never run an ad that worked well. If you did profit once or twice, you were not able to repeat that process.
  • You are willing to work, and work hard, but you do not know exactly what to do each and every day to make sales happen.

If any of those statements describe you then you need this group coaching!

NOTE: If you are making $10,000 or more per month with affiliate marketing now, this is probably not for you. 


The solution is an affiliate-specific sales funnel.

If you are like most people, you've heard about sales funnels until you are blue in the face. It seems there are "funnel solutions" everywhere, especially on Internet marketing forums and Facebook groups. 

But all funnels are not created equal. 

To do affiliate marketing well you need an affiliate-specific funnel. And that is what I am offering you today. 

You see, an affiliate-specific funnel is MUCH different that a traditional sales funnel. 

Here are only three ways that an affiliate-specific funnel is different than your typical sales funnel. (There are more, all revealed inside the Group Coaching)

  • The landing page (squeeze page) needs to be completely different that a landing page for a product sale of your own. Say too much and you lose the sale. Say too little and you lose their attention. Forget to add your affiliate link in just the right place and you lose everything!
  • Totally forget the idea of a "tripwire" product. Want to kill your commissions quickly? Then go for a $7 sale. When you do that the customer automatically stops buying while they wait to see if their $7 bargain solves their problem.
  • There is no upsell that you can pull off effectively. Don't get me wrong, you can upsell with an affiliate-specific funnel all day long. In fact, I will show you exactly how to do it. But if you try to do it INSIDE your funnel you will lose not only the upsell but the customer. 

What you just read is a tiny taste of what you will learn inside this powerful new Group Coaching. 


I want to teach you how this is done AND give you a running start. To do that, I'm going to give you a proven affiliate-specific funnel of your own (it's one of my favorites) and then teach you how to build your own as often as you want. 

Here are three areas of focus inside this Group Coaching.


Your affiliate funnel needs to be simple.

Forget about complicated funnels with 50 moving parts. Just give your prospect what she or he needs and then close the sale.


Create Multiple Streams Of Internet Income.

The days of only being able to promote one product are over. These funnels set you free to promote many products easily!


Clone my best funnel and use it to build more!

Once you see the structure of my affiliate-specific funnel you will be able to build as many as you want.


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